The Gift of History

At this time of year, it is natural to be thinking of gifts. We give all types of gifts; toys, electronics, decorations, dinners… But how often do you think about the gift that we have all been given- the gift of our history! It is a wondrous gift, filled with exciting, funny, tragic and inspiring stories. It is what makes us who we are. The history of our parents, grandparents and the friends and communities that shaped them, shaped us as well.

We are surrounded by this gift every single day and rarely see it. Many of us drive down David Walker Blvd every day, but did you realize that he is an astronaut and pioneer of the Space Shuttle program? Those of you who live in Eustis- do you know who General Abraham Eustis was? As you enjoy Ruby Red grapefruit in the morning, did you know Ruby was a real person from right here in Lake County?

As you celebrate the Holidays and exchange gifts, exchange the gift of history too! Grandparents, tell your grandchildren about your lives as children. They will be surprised to learn you climbed trees and rode bikes too. Tell them where they got that red hair or how your parents didn’t understand you either. Tell them about the famous and infamous people you knew and the stories of people you learned as a child.

And for everyone, as you shop for gifts, may we ask that you consider some of the offerings at the museum? We have a wonderful pictorial history of Lake County on sale for just $10 or give the gift of a membership in the Lake County Historical Society. They will get a newsletter and invitations to special events at the museum. Memberships begin at just $15 a year for individuals.

Also, please consider a gift donation to the museum. Your generous support helps us to bring you ever changing and exciting exhibits.

However you celebrate the Holidays, we wish you a joyous, peaceful and blessed season!